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Cooking Up Green Cuisine

Features on Entrepreneur.com It’s an understatement to say Matthew Stockard, a.k.a. Chef Matt, was prepared when California legalized adult-use cannabis in 2016. By then the world-traveled chef had been experimenting with cannabis in the privacy of his home kitchen for more than 20 years. “I’ve been making a cannabis barbecue sauce for friends since 1994 […]


CBDTODAY.COM Brand On the demonstration stage, Chef Matt Stockard cooked up a few tasty dishes, included cheese dusted ravioli that had been sautéed in infused cooking oil. Attendees were able to sample the tempting treats, straight from chef’s sauté pan. Chocolate–always a favorite even when it’s not infused–was also popular in the edibles category, alongside gummies, hard […]

Bhang + CBDaily eats

MIAMI, June 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bhang Corporation, a trusted cannabis house of brands with an extensive, award-winning portfolio of over 100 cannabis, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) and terpene products, announced today that Chief Operating Officer, Jamie Pearson, will present the keynote address at LA CannaGather, Los Angeles’s premier cannabis industry community, on June 4th. […]

7 groundbreaking chefs breaking the weed stigma with cannabis cuisine

Kulturehub.com Matthew Stockard a.k.a. Chef Matt is an LA-based private chef who specializes in high-end cannabis cuisine. Having catered for government officials, serving as a private chef for athletes and celebrities, Chef Matt has established himself as one of the premier cannabis chefs in Los Angeles and in the country. In addition to his private […]

The Cannabis Industry Has Always Been Rooted in Racism. Black Chefs Are Pushing Back

EATER.com For Los Angeles chef Matt Stockard, fighting against the perception of cannabis food as a means of getting intoxicated, rather than a means of getting well, is a constant battle. Dispelling that stigma is part of what inspired him to develop medicated items like salt, pepper, milk, and cream. “In the black community you’re […]