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MIAMI, June 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bhang Corporation, a trusted cannabis house of brands with an extensive, award-winning portfolio of over 100 cannabis, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) and terpene products, announced today that Chief Operating Officer, Jamie Pearson, will present the keynote address at LA CannaGather, Los Angeles’s premier cannabis industry community, on June 4th.

Jamie, a cannabis industry veteran who has owned cultivation operations in Northern California and Montana and has been a cannabis-friendly landlord for over 15 years, will discuss growing up in the industry, her Cypress Hill connection, being a leading woman in cannabis, Bhang’s global partnerships, and how she has helped advance Bhang in her role as COO.

Jamie was selected as one of High Times Most Influential Women of Weed 2018 who described her as “… a widely recognized win/win deal-making ninja, and leader of all negotiations for global licensing deals for Bhang—the world’s most-awarded and distributed cannabis house of brands featuring the eight-time Cannabis Cup winning line of gourmet chocolate bars and an award-winning line of CBD products.”

“I am humbled to be sharing my life’s experience with this magical plant and the work I do as the COO of Bhang,” said Jamie. “It is amazing to think about my efforts increasing access to cannabis for people around the world, moving the needle on acceptance and legalization, and making sure the sacrifices that so many who have come before me are honored.”

Bhang is also providing its award-winning CBD chocolate for the event and premier cannabis chef Matthew Stockard, AKA Chef Matt, will be serving up some of his popular CBD-infused recipes.

CannaGather is comprised of 4,000 cannabis industry leaders and newcomers in New York and major cities around the country. CannaGather is Los Angeles’ largest cannabis industry community, with monthly education and networking events of 350+ people, including investors, advocates and entrepreneurs.

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About Bhang
Bhang is committed to delivering exceptional sensory experiences to consumers at every point in their cannabis journey through its award-winning portfolio of brands. Bhang is a trusted global cannabis house of brands with an extensive portfolio of over 100 cannabis, hemp-derived CBD and terpene products, including chocolates, pre-rolls, vapes, gums, beverages, gummies and mouth sprays, among others. Since 2010, Bhang has mastered the art of harnessing mutually-beneficial partnerships to bring safe, consistent and delicious products to the world. Learn more at

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