Gourmet Cooking With CBD: It’s Not Just for Brownies Anymore

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Chef Matt is on his feet for up to 16 hours a day. After a while, all that standing began to cause back and foot problems.

The former private chef eventually discovered cannabinoid oil (CBD) and says it helped to alleviate his aches and pains. He began to incorporate the oil in his cooking and soon CBDaily Eats became a full-fledged business.

In the culinary business for more than 20 years, Chef Matt says he chose ingredients that everyone could use.

“With these products, we kind of fall under the edible category and when people think of edibles they think rice krispie treats and brownies, you know? I just wanted to find a way to make it more elegant, high-end and gourmet. So, I was like what better way to infuse it oils that people use every day in the kitchen,” he said.

He drizzles the honey over blackened salmon and uses the balsamic vinaigrette as a marinade or over salad.

Cooking Up Green Cuisine

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It’s an understatement to say Matthew Stockard, a.k.a. Chef Matt, was prepared when California legalized adult-use cannabis in 2016. By then the world-traveled chef had been experimenting with cannabis in the privacy of his home kitchen for more than 20 years.

“I’ve been making a cannabis barbecue sauce for friends since 1994 or ’95,” he says, recalling that back in those pre-sinsemilla days, he routinely sifted lots of seeds from crumbled buds before cooking with them.

Stockard grew up in Long Beach, Calif., but went to Oklahoma for college and in 1998 opened his first restaurant during freshman year. It was called the Langston Lounge, and it launched Stockard’s career as Chef Matt. He returned home to Long Beach to open The Beach Cafe, and he kept it open while demand for his talents led him to travel the globe and master various cuisines. When he returned he sold the café to concentrate on catering and stints as a personal chef.

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Life as a chef was good for Stockard, but prohibition limited his cannabis cooking to a passionate hobby. That changed in 2014, and it was not in his plans. At the time he was preparing to leave for a lucrative job running an upscale restaurant at a hotel in Dubai when a friend and fan of his cooking (particularly the infused barbecue sauce) gave him a call. His friend had moved to the hills to grow pot professionally. “He asked what was next for me,” says Stockard, who told him about Dubai. “He remembered the barbecue sauce and asked if I’d ever considered cooking with cannabis. I told him yes, and he showed up at my front door a couple of weeks later with two bags of bud and trim.”

With an ample supply of the raw ingredient, Stockard began experimentally infusing any ingredient that seemed infusible — olive oil, peanut butter, vegetable oils, jellies, soy sauce, and, of course, barbecue sauce — and cooking with them in all his favorite dishes. Somewhere in the process, he canceled the Dubai gig. “I gave up a nice salary and a chance to go work overseas again,” Stockard says.

Cooking up a storm, he developed a long list of recipes with precisely measured doses of THC and CBD. By Stockard’s estimate, he has spent $15,000 standardizing the recipes to have consistent dosing and use only the whole plant, a much more demanding process than if made with isolates. In 2015 he quietly launched Ganja Eats to cater private parties with his new cannabis cuisine derived from organically grown California marijuana strains. 

Ganja Eats took a quantum leap when California voters legalized adult use marijuana in 2016. “While everybody was doing Rice Krispie treats and brownies,” Stockard says, “I was infusing steak and chicken, working more on the savory side. I was killing it with ribs, mac and cheese, stir-fry. The phone still rings off the hook. I turn down as much business as I accept.”

Because Stockard has developed his recipes to professional food preparation standards, a person feasting at a Ganja Eats gathering can expect to imbibe around 25 milligrams of THC (as a reference, California limits a packaged, single-serving edible to 10 milligrams of THC), so they know what to expect. “I take dosing very seriously,” he says. “I believe there’s a difference between 25 milligrams of flower and 25 milligrams of distillate. I prefer introducing people to the flower high. It’s more natural and body-relaxing versus the shock of distillate.”

The focus, he says, is wellness and pleasure, not escapist intoxication. “My coffee creamer is for people who want to start their day with cannabis, not drink their coffee and their day is over.”

After learning that many of his customers wanted just the medicinal benefits, Chef Matt unveiled CBDaily Eats in 2017, a CBD-only version of his Ganja Eats cuisine for private groups. He has since begun online sales of hemp-infused oils, sauces, and honey, and calculates that 75 percent of his sales are “white label” products sold by others.

Looking ahead, if Stockard can get the necessary licenses, he’s planning a parallel line of Ganja Eats foods with measured doses of THC; he’s also exploring how to license his own name for sale in other states as they legalize. “I know my website says ‘cannabis chef,’ ” he’s quick to note, “but I am a chef first. A chef who cooks with cannabis and CBD.”  




On the demonstration stage, Chef Matt Stockard cooked up a few tasty dishes, included cheese dusted ravioli that had been sautéed in infused cooking oil. Attendees were able to sample the tempting treats, straight from chef’s sauté pan.

Chocolate–always a favorite even when it’s not infused–was also popular in the edibles category, alongside gummies, hard candies of every variety, and savory edibles.

Bhang + CBDaily eats

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“I am humbled to be sharing my life’s experience with this magical plant and the work I do as the COO of Bhang,” said Jamie. “It is amazing to think about my efforts increasing access to cannabis for people around the world, moving the needle on acceptance and legalization, and making sure the sacrifices that so many who have come before me are honored.”

Bhang is also providing its award-winning CBD chocolate for the event and premier cannabis chef Matthew Stockard, AKA Chef Matt, will be serving up some of his popular CBD-infused recipes.

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7 groundbreaking chefs breaking the weed stigma with cannabis cuisine

Matthew Stockard a.k.a. Chef Matt is an LA-based private chef who specializes in high-end cannabis cuisine. Having catered for government officials, serving as a private chef for athletes and celebrities, Chef Matt has established himself as one of the premier cannabis chefs in Los Angeles and in the country.

In addition to his private chef services, Stockard offers classes for cannabis-based recipes and cocktails, wedding catering, and even event appearances.

The Cannabis Industry Has Always Been Rooted in Racism. Black Chefs Are Pushing Back

For Los Angeles chef Matt Stockard, fighting against the perception of cannabis food as a means of getting intoxicated, rather than a means of getting well, is a constant battle. Dispelling that stigma is part of what inspired him to develop medicated items like salt, pepper, milk, and cream. “In the black community you’re considered uneducated if you deal with cannabis,” he says. “And until the stigma is brought off of it, you’re going to have a lot of people who are just going to continue [to have that stigma] because of smokers.” He hopes that the brand of cannabis cooking oils he is developing — a legal cannabis product under California’s strict edibles regulations — can help legitimize medicated cooking for the masses.

Black chefs cooking with cannabis, then, are more than just vanguards: Their work represents a reclaimed self-determinism of medicinal cooking.