About Us

CBDailyeats is not your conventional edibles company. CBDailyEats specializes in crafting CBD infused food products and beverages for everything from culinary masterpieces to a simple bowl of cereal. Their menu of cooking ingredients include peppers, dressings, sauces and so much more! CBDailyEats empowers patients to medicate with imagination, straying far from the typical pharmaceutical product. Comprised of a group of professional chefs passionate about CBD, CBDailyEats bring patients the ingredients they need to take wellness into their own kitchen.


CBDailyEats began in 2017, founded by Chef Matthew Stockard of Chefmattcooks.com and Ganjaeats. Chef Matt created a brand of cannabis infused products that took the cannabis industry by storm. He created CBDailyEats out of patients and the public asking for a CBD version of his popular Ganjaeats brand. Chef Matt did his research and created this line with the same passion as he did with Ganjaeats.


CBDailyEats sources lab tested. CBD Isolate from a reputable hemp cultivation company to ensure the CBD infused into their decadent food and beverages are of the best quality. They proudly employ small-batch methods, which allows their products to receive individual attention. Their Hemp is cultivated in the environmental conditions that best suit the strain, enabling them to blossom to its fullest potential. If something can be made from scratch, CBDailyEats chefs make it from scratch. CBDailyEats Chefs pride themselves on their skills and refuse to cut corners. “If we could make olive oil from scratch we would!” exclaimed one CBDailyEats chef. This dedication to quality and hands-on process results in incredible CBD edibles that provide effective relief and nourishment.

Lab Testing

The CBDailyEats team is pleased to say all products are lab tested and testing certificates are on every label.